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1.   Is the "After the Fire" Presentation appropriate for children?

      We can alter all presentations to our target markets. Though the documentary maybe to graphic for a middle school-aged student, we can adjust our presentation to 

      focus on topics more appropriate for them. We do recommend this program for high school juniors and seniors.

2.   Are there fees associated with the "After the Fire" Presentation?

      Yes. Though we would love to be able to offer such an important program for free, unfortunately we have to take time out of our schedules and family life to travel to be              advocates for burn victims and fire prevention and safety liaisons. Costs associated normally include speakers fees, lodging and transportation, if needed, and screening fee.        Each booking is analyzed on a case by case basis.

3.   How long is a normal "After the Fire" Presentation?

      Normally the presentation last about 2 hours. The documentary is about 50 minutes in length and we normally talk anywhere between 30-40 minutes and then leave time          for a Q&A period.

4.  Are Alvaro and Shawn sensitive to any topics or questions?

     Absolutely not! We strive on being completely open and honest on any and everything related to the fire and the events surrounding it. We use the presentation as a                     therapy tool as well as an opportunity to educate not only students and facilitators on fire safety and prevention but to anyone who may have to overcome adversity at               some point in their lives

5. Is there a limit or maximum amount of people that you can present to?

    No. Over the years we have been fortunate to always draw a crowd to hear us speak. We have presented to classrooms of 20-25 students and auditoriums of upward to 600      people.

6. Are Shawn and Alvaro fire safety experts?

    No. We are far from fire safety experts. Weactually encourage for fire officials and safety experts to be available during our presentations in order to answer any questions          about the topic or reinforce some of the things we discuss.we do have a first hand expertise in burn survival and overcoming adversity at an young age.

7. Who are the target markets for the "After the Fire" Presentation?

   Shawn and Alvaro's target market is everyone. Fire bares no predjudice nor discriminates on age, gender, social status, or location. Our main audience has been college                   students for the simple fact that the fire happened at a college. Over the years, Shawn and Alvaro have talked to burn survivors, firefighters, doctors and nurses, high school       and elementary students as well as motivational speakers at corporate events

8. How do I find out more information about booking Shawn and Alvaro for a presentation?

   Please visit the "contact us" tab for contact information.

9. Do I have to book both Alvaro and Shawn for a presentation?

    While it is possible to book Shawn and Alvaro individually, the audience will get the true experience of the presentation by hearing the viewpoints of each speaker. Their                story is based upon two college roommates who overcame this tragedy together so in retrospect they enjoy giving this presentation together.

10. Can I purchase the "After the Fire" book or film anywhere?

     The book "After the Fire: A True Story of Survival and Friendship," written by Robin Gaby Fisher can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or most big name book                 stores. We also have copies for sale when we give our presentations.

     The documentary "After the Fire: A True Story of Heroes and Cowards," directed by Guido Verweyen is available on DVD and can be purchased by visiting the Center for                 Campus Fire Safety website at

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